Thursday, July 24, 2008

Free Gift Info

I had hoped to share a few more photos with you today, but there are just not enough hours in the day. I am madly trying to accomplish more things than humanly possible. First there is the cutting and bundling of 100's of yards of fabrics for the show at Cape Cod in a week and then immediately after that is another show in Massachusetts. Next the quilt is almost done for my next pattern. I am really excited about this small quilt...but this small quilt equals hours and hours of work. If you've ever tried to create a quilt from "scratch" the process isn't that complicated, but it does take much "dreaming" and "thinking". After the design phase, there is the fabric selection. For this quilt I've chosen almost exclusively Lecien fabrics...these are fabrics that won't be on the market until sometime in Aug. They are the most wonderful fabrics, but that's another story. So after the blocks were completed, then the borders have to be done. But of course, did I have enough fabric from these "not to be found yet" fabrics?? NO-O-O. But I am fortunate enough to be friends with Nireko who just happened to have 2 far quarters which she kindly mailed to me. PLUS she called Japan (of course it helps with you speak fluent Japanese like she does) and they brought over on the plane Tuesday 1 yard for me . So now the borders can be completed. After that it is off to the quilter. Sounds like cake?? Well, you also have to decide what quilting patterns you want. Of course the quilting really makes the quilts so you really want this to be a good choice. Once that's completed, then it's back to me for the binding. Then off to the photographer for the picture. Then there is the new logo to be designed for the pattern company - Holly Hill Quilt Designs - I came up with a rough sketch but someone has to make it pretty and usable. Then you also have to write the pattern so someone else can make it......get the picture? And if that isn't enough I am trying to design a line of fabric. I've come up with 9 designs so far but I've spent countless hours there too. I am so glad that I love quilting and fabric or none of this would seem like fun. As it is, I am really happy to jump out of bed in the morning and work until almost midnight on something that I truly love. So now you understand why I didn't get the silly pictures scanned. WHEW!
So here's the deal....I want to see if anyone is reading this and I'm not just talking to myself. If you post a comment on this blog, I'll put your name in a box and randomly select one of you to receive a gift from me to you. Now isn't that easy? And doesn't everyone love a present?? I'll draw the name on August 12th (my daughter's birthday) so get busy writing me and see if you are the lucky one on August 12th. You have until August 11th to get your comments in. Good luck. Mary Jane

Thursday, July 17, 2008

Here's Where I've Been

I promised you pictures so here they are. This shows you a little bit of what I've done since the end of May. First off was the trip to Wisconsin to visit with my Norwegian cousins. If you've read earlier posts, then you know that I LOVE Wisconsin and especially my cousins!!! We went to the parade and I couldn't resist taking a picture of this Viking float....

Then after the return from Wisconsin it was off to the New Jersey State Quilt Guild show in Edison. There were so many beautiful quilts on display it was hard to pick out only a few to share with you, but this first one is a close up of a quilt named "Pepto Bismol". The workmanship was incredible and I apologize that I didn't get the persons name who made it. But whoever you are - your quilt is absolutely beautiful!

This next picture shows the quilt from a distance.

I love traditional quilts, but I also love modern quilts. I guess I just love quilts, so here is a really striking quilt with wonderful bright colors.

And here's another modern quilt - what a great eye this person had for arranging the colors.

And just to give you an idea of what I did there besides taking pictures (with my new 35 mm camera - I think I'm finally over my fear of cameras), this is picture of a portion of my booth. In the foreground is Bunny Hill's "I Believe in Angels" quilt. Oh so beautiful!!! It is a "heavenly" design. And next to it is Alex Anderson's "Baskets and Blossoms". You can definitely tell that the color choices were done by a professional. Who would have thought that the wild Hawaiian print would be so great in this quilt?

Then here's another part of the booth where Bunny Hill had a corner on the market. There is "Sugar Bunnies" on the left and "Postcard Cuties for Spring" on the right. The head bunny at Bunny Hill, Anne, is such a wonderful person. Isn't it nice when we can support designers who are not only talented, but are also exceptional human beings?

And last, but definitely not least, are "Seaside Cottage" by Vicki at Bloom Creek on the left, Alex Anderson's "Hopscotch in Neutrals"in the middle, and "Winter Memories" by my friend, Brenda, at Acorn Quilt and Gift Company. Brenda and Anne are friends too, so that tells you what a wonderful person Brenda is too!

So that's it for show and tell for now. I'll try and post my pictures from our trip to the lake with the grandsons and the dog soon.