Wednesday, November 11, 2009

I'm A Time Traveler

It's funny how time just slips away - especially when you "mature"! As a kid the days seemed so long but as we get older (I really hate that word) each day is like a blur. When I was logging in to my blog this morning I realized that it's been a month since my last post. Where has the time gone? Let's see - the last post was from California. I was there to vend at the Pacific International Quilt Festival. What a wonderful show. Each year it just gets better and better. You wouldn't know from the attendance that California has such economic troubles. (Thank you to everyone for stopping by our booth. We truly love seeing you.) Once I returned home from CA it was busy, busy, busy getting ready for A Quilters' Gathering. I was really pleased to vend at this show - it was my first time there. I have been on their waiting list for years and years and this year they had room for me. I had such a good time. I wasn't sure how I was going to do it. I usually have a 10' x 30' booth at most of the shows I attend and this was an 8' x 10' space. I fretted over it trying to decide what my layout would be and how I would display my "wares". I had this brilliant idea that since it was such a small space that I should have one color theme and stick to it. I felt it wouldn't be as disjointed that way. And of course if I have to choose one color theme - it has to be red and green. So I had some really beautiful quilts to hang that were red and green (and no, they weren't all Christmas quilts) but the theme was established. Then I set about cutting and tying 100's of yards of red, green and beige fabrics. After I talked over this "theme" with my husband, he said "You can't have only red and green, can you? What happens if someone doesn't like those colors?" Now I can't believe anyone wouldn't love red and green, but it got me thinking. So I made a token 2' section on the table of pinks right behind my cash register. I had wonderful neighbors at the show and we were like a family. Each day we shared so much that it was much more than a quilt show. Also the show promoters (they are sisters) are just the cutest and nicest. I've sent in my money for next year so if you are in the NH area in November 2010 please stop by this show. I don't think you'll be sorry. Now this week I've got to get ready for another show. I leave on Saturday for CA again. Every year I help my sister with a boutique at her house. Doesn't sound too terribly hard, right? Wish I could video tape the "experience" and wear a pedometer because it is something else. I would never do this for anyone else but her. I arrive on Sat. night and then the craziness begins. My sister has a really big house and we set up a large portion of it with displays of 20+ crafters merchandise. So here's the way it goes - there is a huge enclosed deck, the dining area and family room, the living room, a bedroom, a sitting room and a long hallway. Most of the furniture gets moved out and then the fun begins. There is the setting up of racks and tables, putting on table covers and then coordinating all of the various vendors merchandise together to make a visually pleasing display. And of course, I love every minute of it. But when I come home on the Monday of Thanksgiving week I'm pooped out. I think this is the 20th year of doing the boutique and each year we say it's going to be our last one, but we are gluttons for punishment I think and just can't give it up. Then it's on to Thanksgiving - I'm having 30 people for dinner so that will just be the frosting on my cake. I love to cook and I'm really looking forward to making some really yummy food for everyone. Well I better get working now because I have about 15 quilts that need the binding sewn on so they can be displayed at the boutique. I hope each and every one of you has a wonderful Thanksgiving .... Mary Jane