Friday, October 10, 2008

I'm Back But Not For Long

If you've been wondering where I've been since my last post.....I'm not sure I can remember. Each day runs into the next and it is almost a blur! I've been frantically working on TWO patterns. I wrote awhile back about "Gentle Violet" and that is all ready to go, but now I'm finishing up "Santa's Winter Wagon". In fact, the copier is working away as we speak. So tomorrow I leave for California for Pacific International Quilt Festival. The really fun part of this is I get to see my sister. I haven't seen her since November. And since she's not only my sister but my best friend that is far too long. We always have lots of laughs and she'll help me in the booth at PIQF so we'll be spending lots of time together. If you're planning on attending the show (which is FANTASTIC!), please stop by and say hello. We'll have our 2 new quilts hanging plus some beautiful quilts by other designers. Once I return from California, I have about 3 days at home and then it's off to Houston, Texas to attend International Quilt Market where I get to see everything that's new and exciting to purchase for the shop. That is followed by International Quilt Festival which is open to the public. Look for us in Booth # 559 and 561. We'll be there ready to give you a big HOWDY! Until then .... keep yourself in stitches (and I don't mean the medical kind)! Mary Jane