Friday, July 30, 2010

I Feel Guilty

I have so many friends that post on their blog almost daily. It makes me feel so guilty because it seems I write a new post every few months. Not to say I don't THINK about doing it, but somehow so many other things get in the way that I just don't get it done.
So let's see ...... back in April I wrote about going to Minneapolis for Spring Quilt Market in May and showing my line of patterns under the Holly Hill Quilt Designs name. Well, May is long gone so I'll give a quick synopsis of what happened there. First I took pictures like I said I would, but they are still in the camera so you'll have to use your imagination. Picture taking (or at least downloading pictures) might be lower on the list than creating posts for the blog. At Market I ran into lots of friends and I also met lots of new people too. I was approached by Quiltmaker Magazine to design two projects for them. One for their 100 blocks magazine and one for Quiltmaker. I will confess here that the projects didn't go to the bottom of the list and they were completed on time and delivered! (WHEW) In fact, they are using my project inside the magazine and then also using parts of the design for a cover quilt they made for the Nov./Dec. issue. This is truly exciting for me. I was also approached by a fabric company to design fabrics for them - BE STILL MY HEART!! Now even though I've done some sketches I am running into trouble. I can't paint!!! (that is unless you want your living room painted, then I'm pretty darned good) To try and remedy this, I bought a new computer. It looks like it came right out of Star Trek. Incredible machine - love it, but now I have to master using a computer to draw. In my brain it sounded really easy - just draw on the screen with a paint brush and VOILA you have beautiful fabric designs - NOT!!! If you've ever tried this you'll understand that using your hand flat on paper is so much easier than using it up in the air on a screen. And if you touch the screen with more than the paint brush you have a whole different picture than you envisioned. So each night I'm taking a few minutes or hours, depending on my schedule, and practicing. If I'm lucky then maybe I'll get something usable before my 100th birthday.
June was even more of a blur. We went to Chantilly, VA for a quilt show, then had a week off, then off to the Vermont Quilt Festival.
July was a little vacation time. Went to the Cape with the grandkids for a few days. Took some really beautiful pictures there (still in the camera too). Then when we got home went right back to work making quilts, designing new patterns and generally working 24/7. My quilter (who is remarkable, by the way) can't believe how many things I've been bringing over. I took 4 last week and when I picked them up had 2 more to bring. Now I already have 1 more to bring on Monday and who knows what else I'll get done since I have 2 more days before I go. But I also have to really get busy if I want to go to Quilt Market in Houston in Oct. The designs that are in my brain need to get on paper and sent to Nancy (my wonderful applique and embroidery person). Without her I'd be lost. She just did 12 embroidery blocks for me and they are a masterpiece. Even my husband noticed the beautiful SMALL perfect stitches.
August is fast approaching and in August we will be vending at the New England Quilt Museum's show in Lowell, MA. This year they are having it at the Lowell Memorial Auditorium so if you are coming, please look for us there.
Well, I better sign off for now. I have 4 quilts to get the binding on. Mary Jane