Sunday, March 28, 2010

Hello Lancaster, PA

Sometimes I think I'm the luckiest person in the world. I LOVE what I do!! We work incredibly hard setting up booths, working for long hours at shows on our feet the whole time, and then there is the take down. Some vendors think I'm completely nuts (and they are probably right) but I tell them that set up is like going to the spa - you get tons of exercise and work up quite a sweat! Then we have 3 or 4 days of real joy - working the booth and getting to meet all of the wonderful quilters. We just finished up a show last night in Lancaster, PA (got out of the convention center at 11 pm). Thanks to all for making this an incredible show for us! We love to see you.
Today we took the day off - slept until almost 9 am, then went for a leisurely breakfast, made a stop at the outlet stores (said a quick hello to Harry and Davids for some english muffins to bring home), then went to the BIG mall and had a pedicure. After at least a million hours on my feet they were begging for mercy. Now I'm sporting some bright pink toes so maybe that means spring is right around the corner. Forget the manicure - they always try and talk me into it but with the abuse I give these hands it only lasts about a day. I can't justify the expense for one day of beauty. The toes are a different matter - lasts a really long time and it is oh so pretty.
But I guess I got off the subject - that's what happens from a day off .... back to Lancaster, PA. I love this area. Now we do 2 shows around here - the AQS show that we just finished and then we are back in Sept. for the Mancuso show in Oaks. I loved the downtown area. It was the first time I'd been downtown Lancaster. What incredible buildings - I wanted to photograph a wrought iron fence and some windows I found around the corner from the convention center, but somehow I just didn't find the time. Oh well - I thought it might make a really interesting applique design.
Speaking of applique designs - I just got my 2 newest quilts back from the machine quilter right before I left. I did "Autumn's Arrival" which is a fall quilt with a layout similar to "Welcome Winter". There is the cutest little brown squirrel - plus some pumpkins and crows and other fall goodies. I think you'll like it. The other quilt is "Good Morning Sunshine". I've gone a little outside my "box" and used some brighter primary colored fabrics from American Jane. There is a center design with a sun, barn and silo, some fencing and a few really cute sheep grazing in the meadow. I'm hoping to have the patterns done in the next 3 weeks so I can debut them at Spring Quilt Market in Minneapolis. My last one to finish up is "Mary E's Christmas Cottage" - it's a red tree skirt. But unfortunately some of this week is going to be spent on taxes - I have an appointment on Friday and need to get a years worth of receipts itemized and sorted for then. UGH - I hate that part of business. God bless the ones who are good at it and like it. Give me fabric and my sewing machine any day - but take away the dreaded bookkeeping!
Anyway I better run. We have to drive home tomorrow and have a few last minute things to get done. I hope you are working away on a wonderful project - Mary Jane