Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Spring Fever

Hi Friends - I haven't posted a new blog since the end of January so I thought you should know that I've been sick.....I think I have a bad case of spring fever!! No, seriously, I've just been down right busy. Since my last post, I've been to Folsom, CA to vend at the Folsom guild's show, then I was home for a couple of weeks, and then I was off to Hampton, VA. You would never know there is a problem with the economy by the attendance at these 2 quilt shows and the purchases these quilters made. WOW! In between all of this, I decided to empty out my whole shop...I wonder if you can tell that I'm really a glutton for punishment! My husband and I painted everything (a really beautiful green), shampooed the carpets, and had track lighting installed. I promised myself that when I put everything back in it all had to fit. But I think I have to break my promise, because I have over 400 bolts (maybe even more - I'm afraid to count) that don't fit. So keep looking on my website for the dates of my giant tent sale and you'll be able to find some great bargains. As if the shows, the moving of the shop, etc. wasn't enough I also designed a new pattern - Heavenly Home. I just received the photo back from the photographer and I'm really pleased. There are pieced blocks and applique blocks and I used some really "heavenly" fabrics from Lecien. I should have the pattern done tomorrow so at some point I'll get it posted my website. I also have another pattern in the works - Welcome Winter - and I think you'll like it too. That one may take a little longer to get the sample made because there are 15 applique blocks and quite a few pieced blocks too.

Today I was working on a quilt that was a pattern I purchased for the shop but their sample was done in an assortment of tans. Not that I don't love tans - especially the Japanese tans and taupes - but I am making my sample out of squares from the Durham Quilt Collection by Lecien. I am using all of the light background fabrics with the pink and reddish flowers. If you haven't seen these gorgeous fabrics - they are so subtle that they almost melt before your eyes. Then there is a variety of appliqued flowers, stems and leaves. I've done my leaves and stems from a soft grey-green from The Durham quilt Collection and then the flowers are done in assorted wools - soft pink, lavender, coral, pale yellow, etc. I made the sunflower 3 times before I was happy. First I made it as the pattern showed in a gold wool with a black center (I can follow directions sometimes!) but since I had made my sample smaller, I thought it was too big. So I just redrew it smaller - I took a little artistic license with the pattern - and made it again in the gold wool with a black center. But I didn't really like the gold since all of my other wools were softer colors it just seemed to stand out too much. My third try was the pale yellow and I tried a taupe center, but didn't like the taupe. So I finally settled on the pale yellow with the black center. (Maybe that actually makes 4 times??). So most of the flower stems are appliqued down, all the wool flowers and the leaves are cut out, but I was hoping to have this quilt done for the quilt show in Lancaster, PA. Not sure I'll make that one since I leave on March 31st, so not only would I have to get my part done on the top (which is the remaining applique plus quite a few half-square triangles for the border) but I'd have to get it to the machine quilter, and then get the binding on too. I guess you'll understand if you don't hear from me again for awhile. In the meantime, enjoy the first day of spring which is approaching really quickly. I'm off to Amherst, MA this week-end to vend at a quilt show so I'll be inside but I can still appreciate the fact that I can see the ground a few places in my yard. That white stuff is on it's way out (hopefully) ..... Mary Jane