Saturday, January 31, 2009

California Dreamin'

On Monday I leave for California to attend the Folsom Quilt and Fiber Guild Quilt Show. I am looking forward to the trip and really looking forward to the warmer weather. Even though I like winter, it is fun to get away for a little bit too. I've been packing and shipping boxes of goodies and now I'm down to the final packing. I am bringing 3 big suitcases stuffed with fabrics (just need to remember the 50 pounds per bag rule) and a carry-on filled as heavy as I can lift into the overhead compartment. I'm not bringing many clothes since I can borrow from my sister (this makes up for when we were young and she wouldn't let me wear or even touch her clothes). And by eliminating clothes I can have more merchandise for my booth.
I spent most of yesterday machine sewing binding on samples (I had 12 quilts that needed binding). But of course, I still have to do the handsewing. Guess I won't be bored in California, right? I also took my latest quilt design to the machine quilter last week and it is supposed to be done when I return home. The machine quilter, Cathie, had so many wonderful ideas for the quilting and I can't wait to see it! I am still working on a name - sometimes the quilt designs come easy, but the names are harder. I always love to see what other designer's name their quilts. Sometimes I just want to name then "Thank goodness it's done!". But I guess that wouldn't be such a great name.
Enjoy the last day of January and talk with you again in February. Mary Jane