Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Almost Done!

I am so psyched! Yesterday I went to the post office and picked up a package from my machine quilter. I've spent the last couple of months working on "Gentle Violet", and it has turned into my "baby". So, after the top was completed I sent it off to be machine quilted. Now if you're like me, you can't always pick out a quilting design that will look good on a specific quilt. That is a talent I do not possess! I rely on the professionals to guide me and then I worry that I won't like it - but my worry was unnecessary! When I opened up the box I took a deep breath and then dove right in. I was so thrilled - the quilting is absolutely perfect and it really did make the quilt. Now I'm trying to get the binding on so I can ship it off to the photographer. It is made from the most beautiful Lecien fabrics .... and the fabric arrived yesterday so I'll be able to make kits. Look for the kits sometime in October. Enjoy your day. Mary Jane

Tuesday, September 9, 2008

The Woodchuck Story

If you ever have a woodchuck in your backyard and he's eating your garden .... just let him stay! There is probably enough to feed all of you. But at our house, we had to trap the cute little furry thing in a Hav-A-Hart trap. Now, that is the kind way to remove him from the garden, but here's what this kind gesture evolved into..... we went away for a few days right before Labor Day. I told my husband that he shouldn't leave the trap outside because if we caught something it would be stuck in there for a few days and that didn't seem too kind. So he moved the trap into the basement. Then on Labor Day as I was rushing around trying to pack for a quilt show in Harrisburg, PA, my husband said he would move the trap out of the doorway leading into the storage room. So of course I heard him say he was moving it, but I didn't see where it went. But did I find out when I turned around and fell right over it (and it is pretty big) and onto my nose on the cement floor! We spent several hours at the emergency room and found out I had a broken nose. Luckily I didn't break the leg that landed into the cage too. So if you ever take a dive onto your nose, here's what you do .... make sure you put ice immediately on the nose. Luckily I did that and it didn't get too swollen and I didn't even get black eyes for my trip to PA. It only proves that quilters are determined to go to quilt shows ... because this little mishap didn't even slow me down.
On a brighter note - my newest pattern, "Gentle Violet", should be ready in October. I'm really excited about this little quilt and I'll share photos of it once I get the pattern done. I'm also working on a small quilt for each season. So far the main piece is done for summer and winter. Haven't finished fall or spring yet. Who says the seasons have to be done in order? I'm trying desperately to get all of these projects completed and the patterns written before October when I go to Pacific International Quilt Festival in Santa Clara, CA and then on to Quilt Festival in Houston. So if you attend either of these shows, look for me there! And in the meantime, keep on quilting....Mary Jane