Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Off I Go Again

I won't say my husband or Mick the dog are really happy about me leaving again tomorrow AM since I just got back from CA only a week ago, but what can I say??? "Duty calls!" So tomorrow AM bright and early, well, actually it will be dark when I get up at 2 AM, I'll on my way to Fall Market in Houston. This will be my 2nd wholesale show for Holly Hill Quilt Designs - I was in Minneapolis in May for my "debut" and now Houston. I still have 1 quilt that needs the binding finished up but other than that the 6 new quilts are D-O-N-E! Of course I won't tell you all of the other things that need to be finished up because it is too early in the morning to think about that.
I'm hoping to meet lots of new people at the show and also see old friends too. Can't wait to get there. My sister, Judy, is meeting me there to help with the show. My friend, Marianne of Vintage & Vogue, is flying with me and then we'll all room together once we get there. It will be one big slumber party - except sometimes we don't get lots of sleep. We do a lot of laughing and we all know that laughing is good for the soul so we should be just "heavenly" after this trip.
And some more BIG news - the block that I did for 100 Quilt Blocks by Top Designers Vol. 2 is on the cover. They emailed me a file showing the cover blocks and lo and behold I found mine there. I haven't seen the magazine yet, but hopefully they will have it available at their booth at Market. So needless to say I'm very, very happy.
If any of you are coming to Market, then please stop by and look me up. My booth is #2057 - look for the shiny pink Christmas tree and the chicken rug. Yes, you read correctly - I am having a really shiny pink tree and I bought a very adorable chicken rug for the floor!!! So don't think I've flipped out - they are actually really cute together. And then to top it off - my friend, Joanie, is making me table covers and pipe "socks" out of a green with pink polka dot fabric. And then a pink, yellow and green plaid table topper. So look for the "wild" woman in Houston - I'm sure to get some attention with all of this stuff. Plus I bought the cutest vintage green chairs at a flea market in Sacramento when I was there for PIQF so they are going to be there too. I'll try (can't promise miracles though) to take photos of the booth and post them. If you read my blog you'll know that I am the world's worst one about publishing photos. My pictures from the booth in May are still in the camera - just can't seem to get it done! Anyway I hope you are enjoying the fall and talk with you soon. Mary Jane


bonniequilt said...

Pink Tree?? OK you have really lost it!!..I cant wait to see the pictures...pleae make sure you post somehow. I cant wait to see your new designs..Hope you wont be too tired to go to Nashua next week. I'm going on Thurs with Sue and Shannon..Good Luck in Houston..have a ball!! See you soon.

WYO Di said...

The snow globe pattern is fun, but I may be more in love with the icecles on the top and bottom of the quilt!