Sunday, April 29, 2012

Here I Am Again

It's been over a year since my last posting so I'm sure you have figured out by now that I am not very good with this form of social media.  If it were New Year's Eve I would probably make a resolution to try and be better at giving updates about what is happening here at The Christmas Shoppe.  But alas it isn't New Year's Eve, in fact it isn't even May Day, so I'll just try and be better about updates.    And once I get my camera connected back into the computer I'll try and post some pictures too.  We had a dreaded computer meltdown around Christmas last year so things are not all put back together yet.  We lost all of our files, our whole email database, etc.  This was not fun.  But the upside is I started using the new computer which up until that point was just gathering dust.  So I am a very modern computer type woman now! 

This week-end I worked on some new projects.  If you have looked at my Holly Hill Quilt Designs blog you would already know that I have designed a line of fabric with Henry Glass Fabrics called Ninth and Vine.  It made it's debut in mid-March and I just received some "strike offs" which are very little pieces of fabric for use in correcting color and design.  Henry Glass asked me to make some "small" projects with these strike-offs so I made 3 pillows so far and a little wallhanging.  You can view my fabrics at so click on over and have a look.

I also worked on another project for the book I'm doing with Leisure Arts.  The book is going to be small projects - mostly Christmas or if not Christmas, then red and green (my favorite season and my 2 of my favorite colors!!!) 

Hope you are enjoying your spring.  I'm on my way to Kansas City in 2 weeks for Spring Quilt Market.  If you are attending, stop by my booth (#2700) and say hi.  If you aren't attending, ask your favorite quilt shop to stop by and see what patterns Holly Hill Quilt Designs has to offer.  Mary Jane 

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